Why Women in Healthcare Are An Endangered Species

Women represent nearly 80% of the healthcare workforce, and they represent 77% of hospital employees. Also, 26% of hospital and health system CEOs were women in 2014. Statistics show the number of women in healthcare is rising, but there are still challenges. One of...

Nursing Profession Carries Injury Risk

One of the most difficult aspects of a nurse’s job is often the sheer physical challenges of being on your feet all day and frequently moving patients in and out of wheelchairs, assitive devices, beds, bathrooms, or from place to place. Because both patients and...

Top 5 tips for graduate school success

So, you are thinking about completing your Master’s degree. You may be just graduating with your bachelor’s, established in your career, seeking career advancement, or an overall career change. You should commend yourself wherever you currently are in your professional journey. Graduate school is essential for career progression and as daunting as the challenge may be it is feasible and worthwhile. However, there are certain things that I wish I had known previously to enrolling in my first graduate courses that would have saved me a ton of grief on this grad school journey.

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