Telehealth has been around far longer than most people think. In 1879, the Lancet featured an article on the use of the telephone to reduce unnecessary patient visits to a doctor’s office, according to Tracy Lustig of the Institute of Medicine and author of The Role of Telehealth in an Evolving Health Care Environment: Workshop Summary. While the basic practice of using technology to connect with patients is the same, telehealth nursing is one area that has evolved over the decades, opening doors for nurses to enhance their careers and help improve patients’ overall health care experiences. Telehealth services can support the coordination of care, enhance patient experience, and decrease overall health care costs.

Telehealth nursing has rapidly evolved into a role that is a key member of the patient care team and a meaningful career with opportunities for growth. Today, telehealth nurses work with cutting-edge therapies and support patients in a variety of rare disease states, giving nurses the opportunity to pursue an area they’re passionate about, and be a resource to patients throughout their therapeutic journey. To do this, telehealth nurses need a deep understanding of clinical specialties and therapies. In support, many companies that employ telehealth nurses offer trainings and continued learning programs so nurses can expand their knowledge, earn accreditations, and elevate their degree.

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