Don’t make another New Year’s Resolution! Seriously! Be honest.  We say them.  We may even write them down.  Some go so far as to tell someone else.  But we really don’t mean them.  We feel no guilt or shame when we abandon them.  How many gyms are overcrowded in January and then sparsely used by March?  We waste our money.  We waste our time with New Year’s Resolutions.  They really are not New Year’s Resolutions, but rather New January and February Resolutions at best.  We often don’t finish the first quarter!

So don’t waste your time!  Don’t waste your money!  Stop fooling yourself into thinking that you are going to live up to your list.  Don’t even make a list.  Just like dieting, we should not get on a diet, but commit to changing our diet.  Otherwise, we will just yo-yo up and down in between diets.

What do you really want to change in your life in 2016?  More importantly what are you going to do differently in 2016?  If you are not willing to change your actions, you will not succeed in changing your life.  Remember the definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Stop the madness!!!  If you want to change your circumstance, you must change your actions.

This year instead of committing to a list of things that you are going to do, start with what you will not do.  When it comes to the long-term or short-term goals that you have, what is the single thing that you must stop doing to make it happen?  For me, I must stop blowing my shopping budget each month. I have certain financial goals.  But . . .  I love shopping!  I love acquiring.  I love clothes and shoes.  If I want to reach my financial goals, I can’t overspend.  I want to wear a certain size.  I want to look a certain way. I want to be healthy.   But . .  I love eating!  Good food and good wine are a true pleasure.  If I want to be fit and fine, I can’t overeat.  It’s simple, right?

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We all have a but.  Some of us have a big but.  Others have a small but.  Regardless, we need to leave our buts in 2015.  We are hiding behind our buts, and sabotaging our own success.  Most of us know exactly what we need to do, BUT we don’t do it.  We are extremely capable of it, BUT we do not.  It is time to do what we Can!

How big is your BUT?  Are you ready to abandon it like you have abandoned those New Year’s Resolutions in the past?  If you are not ready to leave your but, you will not ever get what you want—and what you deserve!  If you have a but you won’t get a can.  It’s one or the other.

So are you ready to take the 2016 “Leave My But Behind” Challenge?  Will you wear it on a t-shirt?  “I Left My But in 2015 to Get My Can in 2016!”

So here’s the challenge:

  1. Write down the goals you have not yet achieved
  2. Write down the But that’s Holding You Back
  3. Commit to leaving the Buts behind
  4. Write a new list that has the Cans you will achieve
  5. Make copies, laminate them, and carry them around with you every day! Read them every day!  Post them on your Facebook page! Engage an accountability partner that will keep you on target!

Do what you CAN to make sure that 2016 is your best year!

Happy New Year!


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