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    Don’t Let Constructs of the Mind Hold You Back

    I fondly remember sitting in the waiting room for a scholarship that was offered to African American students to be of use for academic endeavors. I was waiting to be interviewed. However, I remember not feeling nervous and feeling confident that I would be able to answer any questions they may have for me. This

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    Squeeze in Some “Me” Time

    I will never forget standing in a department store next to a woman who was quickly trying on one pair of shoes after another while talking on the phone. I couldn’t help but overhear her conversation with what could have only been her significant other. She was reassuring as she said she would be home

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    Pediatric Nursing: Treating the Family

    When nurses think of going into pediatric nursing, they often think of working with a specific age in the wide range of newborn baby to 18-year-old young adult. But what many might not realize is how working with a child also includes working closely with a family as well. In fact, when pediatric nurses think

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