The work that nurses do is often unappreciated. Doctors are given the credit when a person is able to get the health care they need, but when something goes wrong, the blame is spread around to everyone involved, including all of the nurses who are in contact with that concerned patient.

Nurses can be working in very difficult conditions. They may have to endure long hours and often work in an environment where they are understaffed and overworked. The only acceptable level of performance is often perfection and that is difficult to attain. Not only do nurses have to deal with a wide variety of patients suffering from different conditions, but also they are responsible for a great deal of paperwork and administrative work to make sure that everything is managed properly. Despite all of the responsibilities, potential problems, and lack of acknowledgement for what they do, nurses still show up on the job every day. They deserve a hug or a handshake, but often they are faced with legal difficulties due to something unfortunate that happened, which may or may not have been their fault.

When nurses are in a legal bind due to their work, they need legal representation. There are thousands of lawyers who can help people with their legal difficulties, but a nurse will want to find one who understands her job. Just like someone with a tax problem would consult a tax attorney, a nurse with a problem may seek the help of a nurse attorney. Here are six reasons why it makes sense to hire a nurse attorney:

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1. What it takes to become a nurse attorney

A nurse attorney is a nurse. In order to work as a nurse attorney, a person must get a BS in nursing in addition to a law degree. That means they have undergone the same type of training as a nurse and they understand the nuances of the job to give the most help possible.

2. Medical malpractice

Nurses are always at risk for accusations of medical malpractice. It is wise for them to consult with a nurse attorney who plays a role of a personal injury attorney in the following instances:

  • Complaints to the state board of nursing. If a person registers a complaint or if a nurse receives a notice of investigation from the state board of nursing, legal representation can help protect their rights and make sure that they are given fair treatment throughout the process.
  • Named party in a lawsuit. If someone files a malpractice lawsuit, a nurse may be a named party to the lawsuit. To protect their financial and nursing future, a nurse attorney can offer the best representation. The other parties in the lawsuit may be out to protect themselves and the nurse needs to make sure they have their own advocate.

3. Difficult work environment

Nurses are often expected to work under difficult and stressful situations, and in some instances, nurses have to work overtime. Problems arise when the overtime is forced upon the nurse. If a nurse’s job is threatened in any way if they do not work the overtime, a nurse attorney can help fix the problem.

4. Overworked and understaffed

One of the biggest problems in nursing is staffing. Many medical practices cut back on the amount of nurses to save money at the expense of patient care. When in these understaffing situations, if the practice does not willingly recognize the issue, a nurse attorney may be able to make it clear to them.

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5. Harassment from supervisors or doctors

Nurses are often subjected to inappropriate comments, touching and much more not only from patients but from their supervisors or doctors. If this leads to an uncomfortable or hostile environment a nurse attorney could be the best way to get resolution.

6. Lost job

If a nurse is terminated without reason or unjustly, having a nurse attorney could be the best advocate they can find. It could help them get their job or compensation they deserve.

Most nurses would love to be able to do their job without fear and without worry. They are nurses because they enjoy helping other people when those people are in need. Dealing with problems and rightfully performing their responsibilities that have nothing to do with patient care takes away from what a nurse should be doing, but it is a reality of the world today.

The nurse attorney is the person who is able to empathize and take the burden off of the shoulders of the nurses. Thus, it puts them in the unique position that no other attorney can provide.

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