The Spanish-language version of the all-purpose government portal is now even more accessible at A mobile version was released earlier this year, aimed at some of the most active portable Web users, Hispanics.

Through the mobile version’s website,, Spanish-speaking users can access current news and search for government information on their smart phones.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project recently reported that Hispanics are not only some of the most active users of Web-enabled cell phones, but also use their mobile devices to a fuller extent than other populations.

Topics on the site include employment news, government benefits, and health recalls. The mobile version of GobiernoUSA. gov also facilitates filing taxes for free and monitoring changes in airport security, among other things. The content has been modified for mobile devices with stripped-down text and fewer images for faster loading and easier reading.

Helpful sister sites of include, the Federal Citizen Information Center, and, the Spanish language version of the federal Consumer Action Website.

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