Dating and the Single Nurse

Dating and the Single Nurse

Valentine’s day is coming up and a few nurses may be spending the holiday for lovebirds alone. While it might be a tad late to find a date for Valentine’s Day, nurses aren’t doomed to be alone forever.

A nurses’ life is not conducive to finding new love interests. Shift work, long days,and the sheer nature of the job might leave a nurse struggling in the love department. How can a single nurse find a suitable date?

  1. Make yourself available. You never know who might be looking. Smile, be friendly and talk to those you’re interested in!
  2. Socialize on your off days. If the thought of dating coworker makes you shudder make it a point to go out and socialize! Join groups that interest you, go out with friends to happy hour, become more involved in the community. Anything that gets you out of the house and meeting new people counts.
  3. Let your friends know your looking. Keep your friends in the loop of your dating status. They may know a friend of a friend in the same situation as you. This could eventually lead to a love match!
  4. Invest in a new wardrobe. Sure scrubs are comfy, but they’re not exactly flattering. Show off your true style when you are out and about in your regular clothes. I’m always amazed how different my co-workers look in “real” clothes!
  5. Don’t beat yourself up for being single. I’ve heard countless women (and men) beating themselves up for being single. I want to tell you…there’s nothing wrong with being single! The right mate will show up in your life when the time is right. Until then, enjoy life!


In addition to working as a RN, Nachole Johnson is a freelance copywriter and an author with her first book, You’re a Nurse and Want to Start Your Own Business? The Complete Guide, available on Amazon. Visit her ReNursing blog at