Hi, everyone! Some readers may be familiar with the phrase, “Be kind, and please rewind”. But, for those that are not acquainted with that saying, during the ancient times of VHS usage, rental stores requested that customers rewound the VHS cassette prior to it being returned. Seemingly, I know that you are wondering how that saying relates to the topic of nursing. So, I will get straight to the point. At the winding down of your shift, please replace the maintenance IV fluid if it is low. Here is my spin on the popular catchphrase, “ Be kind, and please replace the maintenance fluid if it is almost empty. The oncoming nurse will greatly appreciate the gift.”


As a nurse working in an inpatient setting, you may encounter the opposite. For example, during a hand-off report, I may receive the page, “Ashley, room #732’s IV pump is beeping, and it is saying that the infusion is complete.” Of course, I will hurry down to the room to stop the beeping and determine which  IV fluid has infused. Upon arrival, I will discover that it is the maintenance fluid, and the bag is completely barren. Like so dry, it should have been changed 30 minutes earlier. Although, I am now accountable for this patient’s care, the off-going nurse should have anticipated and prepared for this event. Not only is it courteous, but also it illustrates to the patient and your colleagues that you are attentive and a go-getter.


As a new nurse, my preceptor bestowed miniature trinkets of wisdom such as, “Ashley, strive to be early when providing all aspects of nursing care. So, if something unforeseen happens, the likelihood of you being late is low.” Also, she expressed that nursing care is ongoing. But, nurses must strive towards completing all of their duties and minimize the number of uncompleted tasks for the oncoming nurse. First, by doing this, you are limiting potential breakdowns in patient care. Second, you will make the oncoming nurse happy because you are not adding to their plate. All in all, every shift, strive to be a go-getter. Most importantly, before the end of your shift, heed these words, “Be kind, and please replace the maintenance fluid if it is almost empty. The oncoming nurse will greatly appreciate the gift.”


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