A blue-ribbon occasion: Omana Simon, MSN, FNP, RN (right), president of the National Association of Indian Nurses of America (NAINA), and Lydia Albuquerque, RN (left), president of the NAINA-affiliated American Association of Indian Nurses of New Jersey, Chapter 2 (AAIN-NJ2), present an award to Nancy Holecek, RN, senior vice president of Saint Barnabas Health Care System, in recognition of the New Jersey-based company’s recruitment and support of immigrant nurses from India. The presentation was part of AAIN-NJ2’s inaugural seminar, “Integrating Diversity, Creating Change,” held June 13 in Union, N.J. For more information about the National Association of Indian Nurses of America, visit www.nainausa.com/gpage.html. (Editor’s Note: Freelance writer Lorraine Steefel, DNP, RN, CTN, contributed to this news item.)

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