Every year, Diversity: Allied Health Careers takes a look at the state of your paycheck. So how’s your salary holding up? Pretty well, in fact. It looks like most allied health paychecks are on the upswing. So whether you’re studying to become an allied health care professional, already working within the field, or just thinking about the possibility of a career in health care—Diversity: Allied Health Careers’ Third Annual Salary Report probably holds good news for you.

And fattened paychecks aren’t the only improvement. To address current workforce shortages, health care organizations are going to pretty unusual lengths to compete for existing allied health recruits. Not only are starting salaries on the rise, but signing bonuses are not uncommon in fields where shortages are most acute, such as clinical laboratory science and radiologic technology. And more hospitals are also establishing flexible work schedules and even considering three-day workweeks. Retention bonuses are even being attempted by some organizations in an effort to keeping staff from changing employers. ‘

All these extras are just a sign of the times; allied health care is a hot industry. You should be proud to be part of such a sought-after profession, and you should make the most of its current popularity and power.

So whether you’re still in school and just dreaming of payday or you’re currently employed, knowing your financial worth is vital. Your skills, experience and educational background not only make up who you are, they also determine how much money you’re able to earn. In order to find out if you’re being fairly compensated, it’s important to have a clear sense of how your salary compares to your peers’ salaries in your field. If you’re currently underpaid in your position, maybe it’s time to ask for a raise or look for a higher-paying job. Or maybe checking out this report will help you realize how generous your current employer really is.

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Keep in mind, however, that due to space limitations this report is not intended to provide comprehensive salary data on all allied health disciplines. For more information on other allied health care fields and salary ranges, check out Salary.com or the American Medical Association’s Web site (www.ama.org).


Anesthesiologist Assistant

$90,000 – $110,000 (American Medical Association)

Anesthesia Technician

$28,675 (Salary.com)

Art Therapy

Art Therapist

$28,000 – $40,000 (American Medical Association)

Athletic Trainer

$45,000 (American Medical Association)


Scientist III – Biotech

$99,082 (Salary.com)

Scientist II – Biotech

$85,544 (Salary.com)

Scientist I – Biotech

$77,443 (Salary.com)

Cardiac Medicine

Cardio-Pulmonary Perfusionist

$95,323 (Salary.com)

Echocardiograph Technician

$52,750 (Salary.com)

Cardiac Catheterization Technologist

$49,622 (Salary.com)

Cardiac Technician

$32,806 (Salary.com)

EKG Technician

$27,444 (Salary.com)


Dental Hygienist

$70,193 (Salary.com)

Dental Assistant

$29,164 (Salary.com)

Dental Lab Technician

$15.40/hr (American Medical Association)



$46,346 (Salary.com)

Dietetic Technician

Starting Salary: $26,000 – $37,000*

Upper Ranges: $36,300 – $41,100 (American Medical Association)

* Data valid for those employed full time in their current primary position for five years or less.

Emergency Medicine


$32,208 (Salary.com)

Emergency Medical Technician

$24,372 (Salary.com)

Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counselor

$53,800 (American Medical Association)



$40,000 (American Medical Association)

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapist

$49,089 (Salary.com)

Medical Appliances, Orthotics and Protheses


$58,976 (Salary.com)

Medical Assistantship

Medical Assistant

$27,934 (Salary.com)

Medical Illustration

Medical Illustrator

$35,985 (Salary.com)

Medical Laboratory Technology

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$55,825 (Salary.com)


Histotechnology Supervisor

$50,086 (American Medical Association)


$41,122 (American Medical Association)

Histologic Technician

$34,549 (American Medical Association)

Medical Technology

Chief Medical Technologist

$57,843 (Salary.com)

Medical Technologist – Microbiology

$47,630 (Salary.com)

Medical Technologist – Hematology

$47,453 (Salary.com)

Medical Laboratory Technician, Sr.

$37,257 (Salary.com)

Medical Laboratory Technician

$34,566 (Salary.com)



$25,912 (Salary.com)

Medical Management and Information

Medical Records Director

$78,763 (Salary.com)

Medical Records Administrator

$51,986 (Salary.com)

Medical Transcription Supervisor

$ 44,726 (Salary.com)

Medical Records Transcriptionist

$32,723 (Salary.com)

Mental Health/Counseling

Substance Abuse Center Director (Hospital Operated)

$81,588 (Salary.com)

Marriage and Family Counselor/Therapist

$57,119 (American Medical Association)

Psychiatric Technician

$25,909 (Salary.com)

Mental Health Technician

$25,043 (Salary.com)

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine Director

$80,206 (Salary.com)

Nuclear Medicine Technician

$56,384 (Salary.com)

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

$56,280 (Salary.com)

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapist

$57,523 (Salary.com)

Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant

$37,564 (Salary.com)


Ophthalmic Medical Technician/Technologist

Starting Salary: $35,000 Upper Range: $65,000+ (American Medical Association)

Opthalmic Dispensing Optician

Starting Salary: $24,400 (American Medical Association)

Opthalmic Laboratory Technician

Starting Salary: $15,100 Upper Range: $25,000 (American Medical Association)


Pharmacy Director

$113,481 (Salary.com)

Director of Pharmacy Assistant

$105,328. (Salary.com)

Pharmacist Manager

$98,247 (Salary.com)


$94,493 (Salary.com)

Clinical Pharmacist

$87,628 (Salary.com)

Pharmacy Technician II

$29,095 (Salary.com)

Pharmacy Technician I

$24,713 (Salary.com)

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist

$59,401 (Salary.com)

Certified Physical Therapist Assistant

$39,294 (Salary.com)

Physician Assistantship

Physician Assistant – Medical

$76,053 (Salary.com)

Physician Assistant – Surgical

$72,145 (Salary.com)

Radiologic Technology

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Chief Radiologic Technologist

$60,982 (Salary.com)

Radiation Therapy Technologist (ARRT)

$58,077 (Salary.com)

Radiologic Technologist

$43,911 (Salary.com)

Radiation Technician

$42,841 (Salary.com)

Recreation Therapy

Recreation Therapist

$39,587 (Salary.com)


Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

$48,398 (Salary.com)

Respiratory Therapy

Registered Respiratory Therapist

$48,570. (Salary.com)

Certified Respiratory Therapist

$39,377 (Salary.com)


Chief Ultrasound Technologist

$67,583 (Salary.com)

Ultrasound Technologist

$56,138 (Salary.com)

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Speech and Language Therapy Supervisor

$68,122 (Salary.com)


$56,441 (Salary.com)

Speech and Language Pathologist

$55,853 (Salary.com)

Sports Medicine

Head Athletic Trainer – Higher Education

$46,066 (Salary.com)

Assistant Athletic Trainer – Higher Education

$36,546 (Salary.com)

Surgical Technology

Surgical Technologist

$37,266 (Salary.com)

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