“It is fake news.” … that is the loud, common cry of the many. In a society where the majority rules and the ones with the loudest roar make waves to suspend the truth. Where facts seem to cease to exist because the multitudes ignore it. Where wrong rebuffs its own pretense to be congruent to the cognitive dissonance of the masses. Where wanting to be liked has become the prevailing social norm. Where lying has been normalized by the media and has become the new world order. Where the powerful and the privileged lie too often enough it becomes the truth to many who believes – not because it is so but solely because the bulk of the populace believes it to be true. Where, in a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Where speaking the truth becomes blasphemous to those who righteously claim to be Christians. Christians who rerouted the way of speaking the truth in love by disseminating fear in a cacophony of subversive fibs. Where wadded up falsities, hypocrisy, and irony are stitched together to create an artistic quilt of flattery, illusion, manipulation, and control of the senses – stripping the many of their power of self-determination. Brainwashed – a paralysis of reason and logic sets in.

When a preponderance of men gets bedazzled by the cock and bull story of somebody so lightweight, then society resigns to live in mendacity – a world connected without truth. Danger and impending peril to the pillars of institutional and constitutional norms loom in the horizon as the viral twisted social construct of truth remains unimpeded. So, with collected bated breath we await with great apprehension the destruction of everything we behold – but often minimalized and trivialized in its value – our FREEDOM.


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