The 5 Best Joy-Inducing Video Games for Busy Nurses

The 5 Best Joy-Inducing Video Games for Busy Nurses

New research in the past year alone has emerged to tell us that video games are not as bad as they’ve seemed to be. In fact, game play may help us flourish since it is a plentiful source of stress-relief, and some video games may even help us feel more calm. Gone are the days of intense running, jumping, and button-mashing, here to stay are games that can fit any mood! 

The best part about the games profiled below: They’re perfect for all-ages. If it’s a rainy day and that walk in the park just can’t happen, these games will do just as well.

Whether the last game you played was Pac Man in 1990 or you’re a champ at Call of Duty online, these games below will offer a healthy mix of challenge and zen. I hope you enjoy them! 

5. Endless Ocean 

An interactive aquarium on Wii. This video game features a world of no danger, just endless depths to explore in a brilliant blue ocean. It’s as free-floating as scuba diving, with no need to rent gear or worry about poisonous sea-creatures.

4. Super Mario Bros 3D World

Of all the games profiled in this blog, this game is the hardest, but it can sure be fun. It’s available for Wii U only, but most critics have mentioned that it is the one reason to own a Wii U. The 2-4 player mode is a great way to spend time with friends and family.

3. Little Big Planet


This game’s first iteration won Game of the Year and it reminds us of playing a pop-up storybook. The first few levels prove to be simple enough, and later the game gets a bit more complicated. But just a few runs through this lively world can brighten your outlook. This classic can be picked up for only $19.99 at most stores.

2. Flower


What if you could transform into the wind itself, and roam the Earth over prairies and mountains? This game makes it possible. The goal of the game is not to save the world or defeat evil – rather, all you must do is travel the Earth as a breeze carrying petals. Pair this with beautiful music and you have a perfect meditative experience.

1. Katamari Damacy


Katamari in any form on any console is the number-one best stress-relieving game on Earth. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But nothing beats what this game has to offer: the unique, all-powerful feeling of rolling up trees, cars, and buildings into a neat ball. The controls are easy for anyone to use, and the eye-melting color schemes will spruce up even the drabbest of days. It’s totally weird, but also totally satisfying. 

That’s it for now. Let the joy begin!