Comfortable and Durable shoes for Nurses

Comfortable and Durable shoes for Nurses


More than any part of the body, feet take on quite a bit of work each day. Effectively supporting the foot with the right shoe can make huge differences for athletes as well as nursing professionals!

While it’s tough to find a truly perfect shoe, here are a few shoes that fit exceptionally well with the nurse lifestyle. 

1. Nurse Mates

Aside from offering nurse tops and bottoms in almost any color, also offers a series of ultra-comfortable shoes. Every shoe from Nurse Mates features a large, supportive heel, high-grip soles, and breathable fabric. You can pick up a no-frills work shoe, or a more dazzling pair like these slip-ons! 

2. New Balance

If you’re often finding that the arches of your feet are tired after a long day, you might need a shoe with extra arch support. As an alternative to orthotics, New Balance shoes support folks with high arches and make running, walking, and standing more comfortable and ergonomic. Though it may take a couple of tries to find the right New Balance style for you, these shoes may become an object of lifelong devotion. 


3. Timberland: Caregiver 

Designed specifically with nursing and the healthcare profession in mind, the broad, rocking heels in these shoes offer wonderful comfort. The grips on the bottom of the shoe prevent slipping. Easy-to-clean polyurethane makes these shoes a durable choice. 

With just these three brands, you’ll have many shoes to choose from! Do you have a shoe that you swear by? Let us know in the comments below!