Four Tips for Following Up After a Job Interview

Four Tips for Following Up After a Job Interview

You may breathe a huge sigh of relief when your job interview is over. All the prep work, the nervous anticipation, and the stress of the face-to-face interview is finally over and it is out of your hands, you think. Before you relax too much, remember your job interview isn’t complete until you take one last step – saying thank you.

A thank you note will help you stand out from the crowd of applicants, because some interviewees don’t send them. This final step reflects well on your abilities, your understanding of how business works, and your attention to detail.

1. Don’t Delay

Do not let time elapse before you send a thank you. Sending a note immediately is as important as getting to the interview on time! A thank you note shows good business etiquette – after all the interviewer spent time with you. Acknowledging that time spent is polite.

2.Email or Note Card?

Use your best judgment. If you are interviewing in a traditional culture, use a note card. If the organization is more tech-focused, use email. Experts say the most important thing is to make sure you send something. If you choose a note card, keep a stash of plain thank you notes on hand just for job interview follow up. Use white, off-white, or gray paper with minimal lettering on the front – “Thank you” is fine. Avoid using anything flowery, with animals, or comic as it all makes you look unprofessional. Simple is best.

3. Mention the Highlights

Your words don’t have to be elaborate, so don’t struggle with them. Start with acknowledging that it was nice to meet the interviewer and to hear about the position. A simple thank you for taking the time for the interview is also perfect. If you can, highlight something you discussed, especially if it can reinforce how your qualifications might help them. Mentioning something specific is a personal touch that makes the note genuine. That is all you need, so keep it short.

4. Make It Perfect

Make sure you spell the person’s name correctly and that you have his or her title right. Check (and check again) to make sure you have everything spelled correctly and that it is all legible. Your note is a direct reflection on you, so make it great.

Even if you didn’t like the way the interview went, send a note. The world of nursing can be quite small and you never know when you might run into that person again. Looking professional is always the best choice!