Goal Setting: Top Five Ways to Make Sure You Are Accomplishing Your Goals

Goal Setting: Top Five Ways to Make Sure You Are Accomplishing Your Goals

The beginning of a new year is a common time to reflect on the previous year, and deciding what goals you would like to accomplish in the next 365 days. This is not a time to be shy about the things that you want in your life.  Be bold, intentional, and brave when setting goals for yourself.  The sky is not the limit; it is simply the view.  Although we tend to start out highly motivated and dedicated to the goals that we have set, we have got be honest with ourselves and realize that often that ambition can fade, and nothing gets accomplished! I want to share with you five methods I utilize to keep myself grounded, motivated, and a realizer of my goals.

Find Yourself a GOAL MATE

What is a GOAL MATE?  A goal mate is someone that you have a great connection with that supports, motivates, encourages, and enables you to manifest all of your wildest dreams. It does not matter how far-fetched they may seem, your GOAL MATE will not only hold you accountable but encourage you to jump in and get dirty neck first.  Whether you succeed or fail at accomplishing a goal they are there to pick you up if you break your neck for real (just kidding), brush you off, and send you on your awesomely merry way to attempt your next goal.  Keep in mind, that in order to be a good GOAL MATE, you need to reciprocate the same energy and tenacity that your partner(s) give to you.  It’s important to keep each other focused, interested, and motivated.

Make Clear, Objective, and Achievable Goals

Be clear and intentional about the goals you are setting.  It is also important to be specific.  Think about where you want to be with your finances, health, career, and love life. Self-love included. Be realistic with your timeline and remember that there are only 12 months in a year, but that is a valuable time that can be leveraged to generate a better you.

Make a Vision Board or Host a Vision Board Party

This is an annual tradition of mine. Each year I invite my GOAL MATES, friends, neighbors, co-workers over to craft vision boards. This is inexpensive and so much fun. All you need is magazines, scissors, glue, posters, your imaginations, and perhaps some wine!

Set Mall Quarterly Milestones

Hold yourself accountable. Think about where you want your progress to be after 3,6, and 9 months.  I like to review my goals monthly.  This keeps it relevant in my mind.  You should review your goals quarterly at a minimum.  Think about what is working for you, and what you can switch up.

Look at It

If you do not see your goals periodically, or place your vision board somewhere that you can see it every day. I have my goals on my vision board, iPhone, iPad, and posted in my locker at work.  Don’t forget the plans you have made for yourself.  Utilize these tools, go forth, and prosper!

Jazmin Nicole is a military officer, obstetrics nurse, advisory board member of Black Nurses Rock Inc., and the founder/CEO of Jazmin Nicole & Co.


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Self Assessment Gives a Quick Career Tune Up

Self Assessment Gives a Quick Career Tune Up

Anyone knows a nurse works well under pressure and can multitask with ease, but when you’re a nurse looking for a job, you can’t assume potential employers know anything at all about you.

Even if you have great experience and a solid work history, a potential employer wants to know how your skills will help their organization, and they can’t learn that unless you can explain it to them.

A simple skills assessment, which many nurses use when contemplating the next education or career move, brings your abilities into sharp focus. Once you’re able to identify your competencies, you can clearly explain your strengths to a recruiter or a talent management representative.

Self assessment is actually a great tool for all nurses to use periodically. As part of your assessment, spend time in honest self reflection on your career, your successes, your failures (we all have them!), and your goals so you have a clear picture of who you are as a nurse and what you have to offer.

Why bother with self assessment when you have so many other things to do?

Well, you probably have areas where you’re especially strong and don’t even realize how those strengths can help if you’re looking for a job. It helps to showcase how much your experience will make you the most successful candidate.

There are several kinds of self assessments, so you can focus on specific areas if you want. If you can verbalize your special capabilities, you will be a step ahead of many applicants. Learning you have above average leadership or technical skills brings a focus to your career path and your future goals and helps you highlight that in a job interview.

If you’re in the middle of a job search (or even contemplating beginning one), a self assessment of your skills is a way to find out your weak points as well. Sometimes, a self assessment can reveal a bias you weren’t aware of or can highlight where you can benefit from additional training. If there are places where you need improvement or where you want to improve, finding those points now is better than being surprised during an interview when your weakness becomes obvious.

With self assessment results, you can get started making changes and at least be able to frame areas that need improving in a positive manner.

You can find plenty of online self assessment tools and tests. Because you stand to gain so much from your assessment, answering with total honesty is essential because your answers give you a clear picture of where you stand professionally.

If you have a trusted mentor or colleague, asking for their input can also help you formulate a whole picture of where you excel and where you need improvement. Ask for feedback and interpret the feedback for what it is – a chance to learn more. If your colleague says you need direction managing your unit, ask what he or she thinks will help. If your mentor thinks your educational path is leading you in the right direction, ask how you can continue using those skills to best benefit both you and your organization.

Whether you’re currently looking for a new position or happy where you are, a fresh perspective of your capabilities gives you a confidence boost. You’ll have a clearer idea of where your skills make you a better nurse, and if you find other things might be holding you back, you can take steps to fix them.

Think of self assessment as a career tune up – it’s worth the time and effort now to give you long-term success.