Get Help to Study Smarter

Get Help to Study Smarter

Some of the smartest nursing students are the ones who get help to study better than they can on their own. They might hire a tutor, visit the school’s academic resource center, ask for help from a professor or teaching assistant, or from another student. Whatever they do, the top students don’t just hope for the best.

Here are some ways you can get help and be the best nursing student possible.

Visit Your School’s Academic Resource Center

These centers are on campus to help students – it’s what they do all the time. They have loads of resources to help you. You can be paired up with a peer tutor, those who have successfully taken the class or subject you are struggling in, who can help explain the topic to you. But there are also people who can show you how to study more effectively and how to take better notes in class. Strengthening those skills alone can help eliminate a lot of academic troubles.

Visit Your Professor

Professors have office hours so students can come to them for help or guidance. Students need questions answered or they need extra help understanding a topic or a subject, so professors set aside specific time to help them out. Take advantage of your professors’ office hours to help you get a handle on your topic. The atmosphere is typically more laid back than in a classroom and you can delve deeply into the topic.

Ask the Class Teaching Assistant

TAs also are great resources for information or even for specific requirements that the professor wants. A TA can help you interpret the class requirements for a lab or a paper and get you moving in the right direction.

Ask Friends

If your roommate’s soccer teammate aced the class you are taking, it can’t hurt to ask if they can help you. They might not be trained at actual tutoring, so this isn’t as dependable as trained peer tutors, but it can’t hurt to ask.

Join or Start a Study Group

People study together for a reason – it helps them do better in class. Groups talk about issues, solve problems together, and introduce new approaches to a problem that you might not be familiar with. And studying with a regularly scheduled group is great if you are someone who procrastinates. A regular group holds you accountable – it means you are more likely to show up and get the work done. No study groups for your class? Invite people to meet and start one yourself!

Ask a Student Nursing Association for Help

Are you cramming for the NCLEX? Join others who are having the same panic about the test. You can find them through a local student nursing association or check the National Student Nurses’ Association. Check local chapters for seminars on NCLEX study- and test-taking tips.

Every student can learn from others. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Even if you earn top grades, you might be amazed at how much you learn if you get help to study smarter.