The Nursing Beat is Changing How Healthcare Information is Absorbed

The Nursing Beat is Changing How Healthcare Information is Absorbed

The Nursing Beat, a new healthcare media startup, officially launched this week. It’s the creation of a consortium of nurses sharing a strong desire to foster community with the goal to make  the ever-evolving world of healthcare easy to digest by arming healthcare professionals with the most up-to-date information. 


Nurses Supporting Community Initiatives 

 As an organization, it stands by its words and acts within its community to support initiatives imperative to nurse retention and workforce sustainability.

According to Hannah Berns, MHCI, BSN, RN, and COO of The Nursing Beat, they attended the Nurses March on Washington in May 2022 to advocate for safe staffing and anti-violence measures. They also recently launched Pulse Check, a professional consulting program offering various career development services, from panel interview preparation to entrepreneurial consultations, to help nurses establish their professional identity and maximize their career potential.

With thousands of subscribers and a growing following on TikTok, The Nursing Beat is changing how healthcare information is absorbed.

Magic Behind The Startup

The startup’s leadership team is almost entirely composed of nurses. From their Advisory Board which was established in conjunction with The Nurses on Board Coalition, to their executive team. They speak to their audience authentically in a language familiar to their community. #ByNursesForNurses.

As The Nursing Beat says, healthcare starts with you. This is your beat.