Every Nurse Must Have This Resource in Their Arsenal

Every Nurse Must Have This Resource in Their Arsenal

Hi, everyone! I am so excited to share this awesome resource. I wish that I knew about it about it earlier in my career. This amazing book is entitled Bakerman’s ABCs of Interpretive Laboratory Data. I must say, it is a bit pricey ($49.40+shipping), but you will use this book for years. As a new family nurse practitioner practicing in a rural community, I rely on this great resource to get me through the day. For example, I had a patient with a possible diagnosis of Lyme disease, and that is not a typical lab that I order every day. So, I looked at my handy laboratory manual. With the turn of a page, it provided me with a succinct and clear guide. For example, it presented a discussion regarding problems associated with serological testing, guidelines for testing, and interpretation of the results.


A nurse’s reaction when he or she discovers the perfect lab resource.

As clinicians and healthcare providers, it is vital that we provide quality comprehensive healthcare based on evidence-based practice. Without question, I’m certain that this resource is fundamental to anyone at any level of nursing practice. For example, the nursing student can use this book as a supplemental tool while the nurse and APRN may use this guide to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. Let me be clear, I love lab apps because they’re easily accessible. However, they lack the necessary literature required to make a prudent diagnosis. Therefore, I rely on my knowledge and reliable resources like Bakerman’s ABC’s of Interpretative Laboratory Data as a way of ensuring that I am providing quality, comprehensive care to my patients. I posted a link below if you are interested in purchasing this book. I can assure you that you won’t regret this investment.


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