Travel Nursing: Q&A with Recruiter Miles Mattern of Rise Medical Staffing

Travel Nursing: Q&A with Recruiter Miles Mattern of Rise Medical Staffing

We’re continuing our travel nursing career series with an interview with Miles Mattern, director of recruiting and marketing at Rise Medical Staffing, a travel nurse staffing company that offers nationwide placements. Today he shares information on what he’s looking for when recruiting new travel nurses, what the current job market is like, and he dispels some of the myths associated with traveling.

Minority Nurse: What is the current job market like for traveling nurses?

Miles Mattern: 2014 has been a great year; it is the perfect time to start a travel career. We have a surplus of job opportunities and not enough RNs to fill these positions.

Minority Nurse: What areas of nursing are you seeing the highest demand?  

Miles Mattern: All units have a high demand, but if I were to pick our top three units, I would select L&D, ICU, and OR. 

Minority Nurse: What qualifications/experience are you looking for in travel nursing candidates?

Miles Mattern: Current nursing certifications, typically through the American Heart Association (AHA). A minimum of two years of experience in recent acute care settings is preferred. Most importantly, someone with a positive attitude.

Minority Nurse: What is the process for working with your agency? 

Miles Mattern: We understand there are many agencies in the industry, so we strive to make the hiring process as easy as possible on our RNs.  Most companies require lengthy applications, exams, medical docs, etc., before you are even submitted for a job.  This can be very taxing, especially if they don’t have the jobs you’re looking for. With Rise Medical Staffing, you only have to provide your resume, references, a skills checklist, and certifications in order to be considered and submitted for any of our available jobs. If you accept an offer with our company, our quality assurance (QA) department engages in the process and collects all documentation required for the facility and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. We have an amazing QA department that works with all of our RNs through the entire process, making it as painless as possible.

Minority Nurse: What are some of the myths and realities about travel nursing?

Miles Mattern: There are several.

Myth:  “Leaving a permanent job will make it difficult to return to full-time in the future.”
Reality:  Assuming you don’t burn any bridges, most all employers would welcome their RNs back for full-time position.

Myth:  “I’m going to have a hard time getting my first contract since I don’t have travel experience.”
Reality:  Some hospitals do require past travel experience, but a majority of hospitals do not. Our company has never had an issue placing first-time travelers. In fact, we enjoy doing so.

Myth: “All staff RNs don’t like travel RNs.”
Reality: If your company has knowledge of the facilities and you are connected with an educated recruiter you can avoid these hospitals and pitfalls. Your recruiter can be your saving grace so don’t take their advice for granted.

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