Should Perks Weigh into a Job Decision?

Should Perks Weigh into a Job Decision?

You know about benefits – the health insurance, vacation time, holiday time, and tuition reimbursement (among other things) that can potentially add thousands of dollars to the value of your job offer.

But what about the value of perks? Perks can’t really be calculated into dollars. Free lunch on Fridays is great, but can you really calculate that into your whole package? Not really.

But perks can make you feel like a valued and respected employee. And when you feel like you are part of something bigger, it improves your outlook on your job and on your company. Simply put, perks boost morale. A free lunch on Friday might not add lots of dollars, but it saves you time and effort from having to pack a lunch or to go buy one somewhere. It’s just nice and employees enjoy it.

If you’re job hunting, consider the perks a company offers. Some can add enough value that it could tip your decision to one job over another – even if they both offer the exact same benefits and salary. 

Here’s a round up of some common and not-so-common perks being offered at hospitals and healthcare facilities around the country.

Childcare centers (some on-site)

Carpool incentives and assistance

On-site gyms or subsidized gym memberships

Legal assistance

Job sharing

Compressed workweeks

Domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples

Cultural diversity training or celebrations

Adoption assistance

Leadership programs

First-time home buyers assistance

College coaching for employees’ children

Concierge services for daily errands

Recognition days for employees

Bonuses for making successful referrals

Health and wellness incentives and opportunities

Free foreign language lessons

Birthday luncheons

If you hold any influence in implementing employee perks, this list offers a great starting point. What other perks would you like to see?