Conference for Male Nurses Takes Place in September

Conference for Male Nurses Takes Place in September

Next month, the American Assembly for Men in Nursing holds its 40th annual conference to bring together men in the field, the only such conference for male nurses in the nation. From September 24 to 26, leaders in the field will gather in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to participate in workshops, discussions, and networking events for the men who make up nine percent of the nursing workforce.

The AAMN is a national organization with local chapters throughout the country. The AAMN’s aim is to encourage men to become nurses and to support the men who are working as nurses. Members work to keep issues about men’s health and issues relating to men in nursing in the forefront to help male nurses continue to excel in patient care.

This year’s conference theme focuses on interprofessional practice. Attendees will attend events that will address the role of interprofessional practice in everything from organizations to patient care and outcomes. The conference events will explore why and how inter professional practice benefits a team and patients and will also allow attendees to explore how to learn more about interprofessional practice through continuing education and in nursing education.

The weekend kicks off with a preconference event on reflective practice on September 23. The rest of the weekend brings a welcome reception on September 24 followed by days filled with exhibits, poster presentations, networking opportunities, and panels. Speakers will present on topics including Partnerships: Essential Foundation for Effective Practice; Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (STEPPS); Recruiting and Retaining an Interprofessional Workforce for a Global Health Network; Shared Decisions are the Best Decisions: Nurses Leading Interprofessional Shared Governance; and Liberating Structures.

The educational and professional growth opportunities abound during this one-of-a-kind conference, but it’s the networking and camaraderie that bring participants back yearly. Being the minority gender in the nursing field brings up all kinds of issues for male nurses. This conference is the place where they can not only talk about things like discrimination or communication styles, but also learn from others’ experiences.

If you’re a male nurse, this is something worth looking into. If you can’t go, check into your local chapter of AAMN for some great resources and support.