Should You Relocate? Three Things to Consider

Should You Relocate? Three Things to Consider

Have you ever dreamed of living in another region? Have you often wondered if your location is a career roadblock?

Relocating for your career or for a desired lifestyle change is sometimes the best move for nurses and one that is frequently available to nurses specifically. Nursing skills are needed in all areas and a move can not only bring a career boost, but much needed personal change as well.

Before you start packing, there are a few things you need to consider. “Out of the gate, everyone should know their carrot or their reason for wanting to relocate,” says an account executive for a major healthcare staffing company specializing in the permanent placement of registered nurses staff to vp level. What you must decide, she says, is this: “What is your carrot?”

1. Career Advancement

If you feel like you cannot progress in your job where you are, relocation might be your ticket to more responsibility or a new career path. Standards vary by region, so if you are moving to an area where most nurses have advanced degrees, understand that will be something most employers will expect. But other regions may offer you great opportunities with your current education level or even give you prospects while you earn another degree. Set some short-term and long-term goals so you know where you want your career to take you. Will relocating help you reach those goals?

2. Family

Would you like to live closer to family members or even put a little distance between you and your loved ones? Do you and your spouse dream of retiring to a certain area in 10 to 15 years? Family is a big reason for wanting to move and you can take your career with you, but make sure you consider all the factors. If you have kids, investigate the schools. Check out home or rental prices to see if they are compatible with your expectations and budget. Be sure to look at the big picture when you think of making a move.

3. Economy

What is going on where you live? Is your region booming with nursing jobs or is it impossibly competitive to land a desired position? Some regions of the country are looking for nurses to fill spots and others are so tight that someone has to move or retire before anything opens up. If you want more responsibility or a bigger salary, you might look into other regions. You could find a job that pays better, gets you closer to your ultimate career goal, and is more stable somewhere else.

So, what is your carrot?