Nurse Attire: 7 Comfy Additions to Your Everyday Work Look

Nurse Attire: 7 Comfy Additions to Your Everyday Work Look

As thousands of new nurses join the workforce each year, tons of essential products are geared toward making their lives easier. But whether you’re a new or experienced nurse, you might miss out on comfortable additions to your everyday work attire that will help you work 15-hour shifts without batting an eye.nurse-attire-7-comfy-additions-to-your-everyday-work-look

If you’re ready to step up your work look and comfort game, check out the tools you need to ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible, support you as a medical professional, and keep you confident.

1. Scrub Jackets

Scrub jackets re exactly what they sound like —jackets that go over your scrubs. If you’re working in a colder city and you need a jacket to keep you warm on your way to work, or at work in a chilly hospital, scrub jackets are the answer. These stylish layering essentials look professional, match your scrubs, and add a touch of personality while keeping you warm. You can find scrub jackets in a ton of unique colors with warm materials, zippers, pockets, and other functional details.

2. Custom Scrubs

You may already have a scrub lineup that you love, but are they all monogrammed with your name or initials? Add your credentials under your name on the front pocket to take your workwear to the next level.

This is also a great way to build your wardrobe if you’re starting. Custom scrubs are about more than just your name. Most companies also help you personalize colors, patterns, details, cut, and fit to create an outfit that truly represents you and your career!

3. Bamboo Socks

You might think that any old athletic sock is good enough for spending hours on your feet — but you’re dead wrong. It would help if you had a highly moisture-wicking, breathable, and odor-minimizing sock. Bamboo socks are made of a unique, sustainable material that delivers!

You can also opt for toe-separating socks, which bring another level of comfort to your day. By separating each toe, you don’t have to worry about sweat and grime building up for hours and making your feet uncomfortable. These socks also offer compression and arch support to ensure standing all day isn’t such a chore.

4. The Right Shoes

Studies show that the average nurse walks about 8,000 steps each shift — that’s about four miles! Don’t let your bamboo socks be the only thing protecting your feet from possible diseases and all that walking. Get the right shoes for the job with specialized nursing shoes, like clogs or ultra-padded sneakers. Look for a pair that offers a lot of support for your ankles and cushions your soles to reduce strain.

5. A Carry-All Bag

Nurses need a lot of supplies to ensure they’re prepared for whatever the shift brings. While some nurses prefer scrubs with tons of pockets to carry all their essentials, there is another option. With a bag, you have something that’s easier to carry around. It also provides convenient access and more organization than the various pockets in your uniform.

You can personalize your tote to match your scrubs, broadcasting that this is part of your workwear and ensuring you always know which bag is yours. Choose the color and material before personalizing it with your name and credentials.

6. Water Bottle

In the past, a disposable water bottle would have been acceptable to keep you going throughout your shift. But, with today’s concerns about environmental sustainability and microplastics entering your body, you may want to turn to a reusable tumbler to keep you hydrated. You’ll also enjoy a bottle big enough to get the recommended 60 ounces of water daily to keep you healthy.

Forget finding a plastic disposable bottle in that size. Focus on a reusable tumbler that keeps your water cool and your coffee hot so you can rehydrate throughout your shift—even if you’re working a double shift.

7. A Blanket

Whether it’s another COVID surge or a local emergency, a crisis can strike any moment, and you may need to stay overnight at your hospital. Don’t rely on hospital materials to keep you comfortable if you need to grab a nap. Bring your blanket and set yourself up for comfort.

Choose a blanket cozy enough to ensure you fall asleep in moments and catch all the shut-eye you need right away. Even better, you can customize your blanket to match your scrubs or embroider it with your name, initials, and credentials!

Pack Up Your Gear

Do you already have all these essentials in your arsenal? Amazing! You’re prepared for anything and ready to go. But, if you find yourself missing a few things or want to upgrade your most essential accessories, use this list to start shopping.

Share this list with other nurses to guarantee everyone on your team feels their best.