Nurses to Weigh in on Ebola with National Conference Call on October 15

Nurses to Weigh in on Ebola with National Conference Call on October 15

Information about Ebola is coming fast and furious and in the midst of it all, nurses have lots of questions that need answers. In an effort to bring a national discussion about Ebola to nurses, National Nurses United is hosting a National RN Conference Call on Ebola on October 15.

The topic? Among other things, nurses will have a chance to weigh in on the pressing issue of if hospitals are really ready for Ebola patients. Nurses can call in at 3 pm EST (12 pm PST) to discuss the topics at hand or to listen. Click here to register for the call.

National Nurses United, a union and professional association of registered nurses, has been advocating for nurses and hospital staff to have full training and access to proper protective gear in case they encounter a potential Ebola patient. With more nurses reporting their low confidence in their own hospitals preparedness, the lack of communication about policy, communication, sufficient supplies, and proper access to effective gear is topmost on the minds of the nearly 2,000 nurses who have responded to a recent NNU survey.

Another recent survey by, an online networking community for nurses and nursing students, reflects similar sentiments.

Of the 3,000 nurses surveyed over the weekend, reports that 74 percent didn’t feel safe, as a nurse, with the unfolding Ebola situation. An equal number of respondents also didn’t feel safe with dealing with a potential Ebola patient. An almost identical amount also reported a virtual lack of communication or training about Ebola.

Nurses responding to the survey reported that what they most need is hands-on training and/or practice drills, better communication, and more education.

What do you think about these survey results? Do you feel ready to deal with Ebola?