NAINA Hosting 4th Leadership Conference in Maryland

NAINA Hosting 4th Leadership Conference in Maryland

NAINA Leadership ConferenceNational Association of Indian Nurses of America (NAINA) is celebrating the ‘Year of the Nurse and Midwife’ with a variety of activities throughout the year. NAINA, a professional organization for nurses of Asian Indian origin and heritage, collaborates with other national and international nurses associations in its journey towards professional excellence and improving global health. In 2019, NAINA joined the ‘Nursing Now’ global campaign. For the ‘Nursing Now’ campaign, NAINA selected three focus areas: enhancing clinical practice by continuing education, empowering nurses to become leaders at the bedside and beyond, and sharing examples of best nursing practices. In January 2020, NAINA joined the American Nurses Association’s Healthy Nurse, Healthy NationTM campaign as a champion organization to positively impact the health of its members and advance the goals of ANA.

NAINA’s upcoming national event on April 18th, 2020 will advance the goals for ‘Nursing Now’ and its commitment to the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation challenge thereby empowering nurses to take charge of their health and the health of the nation. NAINA’s 4th Leadership conference will be held at Howard Community College, Columbia, Maryland. This conference is designed for licensed health care professionals and pre-licensure students as well. This one-day event is designed to augment the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for self-care, workplace safety, and promote resilience in nurses. The event will promote interprofessional learning and it will highlight how nurses can lead interprofessional teams from the bedside to the boardroom and promote health for themselves and others to build a healthy nation.

Deborah J. Baker, DNP, CRNP, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President for Nursing, Johns Hopkins Health System and Vice President of Nursing & Patient Care Services, Johns Hopkins Hospital will give the keynote address. Lois Gould, MS, PMP from American Nurses Association will address the participants on the topic of ‘Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation: The Grand Challenge’. Mary Kay DeMarco, PhD, RN, CNE, past president, Maryland Nurses Association, Georgene Butler, PhD, RN, CNE, Dean, Health Sciences, Howard Community College, Maryland, and Bobby Varghese PhD, RN, CNE, Professor of Nursing, Broward College, Florida will speak on various topics related to the theme of the event: Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation: Leading from the Bedside to Boardroom. Viji George, MA, BSN, RN, RNC-NIC will moderate the panel discussion on the domains of ‘Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation grand challenge’ . Teams from several state chapters of NAINA will enact how to create joy and find meaning at work amid challenges and pressure.

NAINA is an ANCC accredited provider of nursing continuing professional development and nurses may earn up to 6.5 contact hours by completing this conference activity. Registration is open to nurses for this great educational event for an affordable price of $50.00. Please visit the NAINA website for details of the conference and other monthly NAINA webinars (

National Association of Indian Nurses of America Offers Support

National Association of Indian Nurses of America Offers Support

Professional organizations run the gamut from those that teach you how to tackle public speaking to those that address a very specific specialty. As a nurse, professional organizations are an essential career tool, and those that address the needs and issues of minority nurses in particular are especially helpful.

According to Vilmala George, past president of the National Association of Indian Nurses of America (NAINA) and a current advisory chair of the organization, minority nurses of all ages benefit from sharing professional and personal stories and tips.

NAINA has 13 chapters across the country and hopes to expand to more in the future. The organization reaches out to nurses of Indian heritage through regular meetings, online opportunities, and a biennial conference.

According to George, meetings help members grow a professional network and gain education and professional skills through seminars and talks. But as a minority nurse, these professional organizations have an extra significance. Gathering with colleagues in your profession who also share your cultural beliefs or background can give you a support that adds another layer of understanding.

We have the latest advice for technology and mentoring,” says George about a few of NAINA’s benefits. “We have lots of expertise in our field, so we can share our experience and share our knowledge.” NAINA members with all levels of education and all kinds of professional experience connect with each other to share professional success, offer advice for problems or issues, and support each other’s growth as nurses.

Minority nurses know their own culture can have a big impact on their own career path and how they approach certain things. “Families are a big thing for us,” says George about NAINA’s membership base. “And we have a primary responsibility for it.” So outside of a nursing role, family plays a major role in the lives of many Indian nurses. Connecting with other nurses who have similar experiences in their own lives helps NAINA members form deep connections and gives them practical tips for managing a career and family life successfully.

NAINA members enjoy the connections, but also appreciate the many professional opportunities of being in an organization specifically focused on their career choice and cultural background. NAINA chapters meet regularly and invite speakers on topics ranging from retirement planning to academic tips and computer classes. Chapters offer scholarships for nursing students and also do community outreach to high schools and community organizations. There are chances for nurses to do fund raising for chapters and for special charitable causes. Some chapters offer NCLEX prep classes, too, and all chapters stay current through the NAINA newsletter.

George invites anyone interested in NAINA to attend a meeting or contact the organization with any questions.