Ready to Change Your Life? Consider Working With a Life Coach

Ready to Change Your Life? Consider Working With a Life Coach

We all experience periods in our careers and lives where we feel stuck-in-a-rut or unsure of which direction to go in. Whether you’re contemplating going back to school for an advanced nursing degree, thinking of relocating to a new city for a change of scenery or wish to improve the quality of your health or relationships, a life coach can help you figure out your next step in life.

You may have heard of the life coaching field, but what exactly do they do? Coaches work with clients, usually on an individual basis, to guide them through life changes, transitions or to help them reach their goals. They are cheerleaders who help you live your best quality life.

Coaching shouldn’t be confused with therapy. Therapists require more extensive qualifications and delve into deeper issues than life coaches. Life coaches are all about taking action in your life; they aren’t there to help you heal childhood traumas or deal with major depression or addiction. While some therapists are also life coaches and vice versa, be sure not to confuse life coaching with traditional forms of therapy.

How do you know if a life coach can help you?

  1. Do you feel stuck in a particular area of your life such as your career, relationship or in making an important decision?
  2. Do you feel that you need an objective person to look at the issue and offer a positive, fresh perspective?
  3. Are you ready to answer some important life questions?
  4. Are you ready to take action? For example, research graduate degree programs, move to a new city, start an exercise program or have a difficult conversation with a family member to resolve an issue.

Number four may be the most important question to ask yourself before seeking a life coach. Coaching is geared toward action – making decisions and positive changes in your life.

While coaching can be very beneficial, it can also be expensive. According to, “most life coaches working with individuals charge about $200 to $1,000 per month for a 30 to 60 minutes call three or four times a month.” So it’s definitely an investment in your personal growth.

If you feel that a coach could help you, be sure to research anyone you’re considering working with to ensure that they have good credentials and experience. While there are no government regulations on the coaching industry, most reputable life coaches have a certification under their belt. Buyer beware: There are many people calling themselves life coaches. Be sure to do lots of research before paying a coach.

Ask for a consultation before committing to coaching to ensure that you have good chemistry with a potential coach and you enjoy talking to him/her.

A good life coach should leave you feeling energized and ready to take positive action in your life. Find more information about life coaching and to search for a certified life coach, visit the International Coach Federation website at