7 Organizing Tips for the Holiday Crush

7 Organizing Tips for the Holiday Crush

Holidays got you running a little ragged right now? With presents to wrap, goodies to bake, shopping to finish, and parties galore, it’s a wonder there’s even time to fit in all that normal stuff we do.

Here are a few last-minute holiday organizing tips that can help keep you sane this next week.

1. Become a List-o-Maniac

The problem with doing so much is that we can only remember so much. Take a tip from many super-organized people and learn to love lists. Even if you aren’t in that camp, this is the time of year to jot down some lists – presents to buy, cookies to bake, chores to do, points to cover in your next meeting – so that nothing slips by you. Update the lists regularly and cross things off as you go. Trust me – it will make you feel like you have accomplished something!

2. Sweep the Clutter

All those unannounced visits by neighbors or friends in the area can make you cringe if your house is a mess. Try to keep the parts people will see the most – maybe that’s your kitchen or living room and a bathroom – in top shape. Keep counters clear and wiped clean and put piles somewhere else.

3. Keep Something Quick to Eat

Plan ahead for the unexpected. For those surprise guests, have a coffee cake or a pound cake in the freezer ready for quick thawing and serving. Or even just have a bag of nice cookies or cheese and crackers ready to open. You don’t have to offer a visitor a full meal, but being ready with something to nibble makes you feel more hospitable.

4. Stash Fun Presents

Did you forget someone? Keep some nice wrapped gifts ready to give when you are caught off guard. Chocolates in tins, movie or coffee shop gift cards, pretty note cards. or a box of special tea are all nice gifts that most people will appreciate.

5. Organize Receipts

Any time you buy a gift or stocking stuffer, tuck the receipt into a big envelope. That way, if you need to do a quick return or if there’s any kind of problem, you know where to look.

6. Cover Your Back

Allow extra time for events, parties, and even mall trips. Traffic, weather, unimaginably long lines, and tired kids can throw off a perfectly timed schedule. Adding extra time up front will keep you sane. In the same line, buy a few extras of things so there’s no last minute rush to the store when you rip your last pair of hose, run out of cold medication, or forget to pick up tissues.

7. Keep Your Humor

Yes, it’s crazy and you’re probably behind on at least something. But the season doesn’t last too long, so sometimes just finding the humor in the craziness helps.

Here’s hoping you enjoy your holiday season!