How to Buy Holiday Gifts When You’re Low on Energy

How to Buy Holiday Gifts When You’re Low on Energy

Gift-giving is a great hobby for some, but many nurses are tired and not in the mood to do holiday shopping. You might feel like you’re expected to search for the “greatest gift ever” for a Christmas gathering… even when we know the perfect gift doesn’t exist.

So, what are some alternatives to buying gifts when you don’t want to? Read on to find ways to find a great gift without spending too much time and money at a store.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go for an Easy Gift, But. Choose Meaning Over Value

When buying gifts for others, you often think they want something flashy or expensive. It might be because of our consumer culture or because we’re often taught that bigger is better. Whatever the reason is, more often than not, people value gifts that hold meaning for them.

Reframe what an easy gift looks like. Think of what the other person will value for a long time and what’s easiest for you. It doesn’t have to be an item— it can be a personal experience, such as a day trip to a concert, a nice dinner, or an escape room.

Or, if you don’t have any ideas, try a gift basket with items they like and use, like carry-on hand sanitizers or hand lotion.

Gift cards are acceptable, too. You can say, “Listen, I love you, but I’m tired this year. Here’s a $25 gift card to Amazon.” Or something along those lines, but in a genuine way to tell them that you put effort into the gift. This is a great option for younger nieces and nephews who could use extra money, especially if someone you know shops at Amazon.

Don’t Be Afraid to Regift

You might encounter a situation (like a holiday swap party) where you have regifted an item before. In some situations, regifting is fine— but be careful who you regift to. If you give to the same group of friends and family, someone might realize they got a passed down gift from two Christmases ago.

Think about the person who you’re gifting to. What do they do for fun? If they’re not into snacks, then they might not love the $5 caramel popcorn tin you snagged on your way to the shampoo at Target. But if they collect candles, they might like your unused Yankee candle that smells like marshmallows at a campfire.

It might not feel like an excellent idea to regift something you owned first, but if the item is new and you’re giving it to a close family member or a friend you know well, this is usually not a problem. Just ensure it’s an item you’re confident they’ll like or use. Other things to note when regifting are to make sure any name tags aren’t showing or if the item wasn’t handmade or personalized for someone else.

If you’re still having second thoughts about regifting, consider doing this if you have an extra item at hand to avoid hurting their feelings. That way, when they ask about the item, you can be transparent and tell them that you thought of them in mind when you received an extra one and wanted to give it to them personally.

Ask Them Directly What They Want

If all else fails, you can always ask for what they want. Some people might like a surprise gift, but it can be better to buy someone a gift they’re expecting so that they don’t get a gift they have to pretend to like.

This can help you save time to order the gift before the holidays. Plus, if you don’t like to gift-wrap, many online stores offer the option of preparing your gift in a gift box or bag.

Finding holiday gifts might feel stressful initially, but it helps to know that you can be mindful of who you’re gifting to. You can give away items they would prefer for a relaxed and low-key holiday.

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are just around the corner! Many of you are looking for healthy holiday gift ideas and thinking about spending money on things that promote the health and wellness of your loved ones. To maximize the joys of the holidays and to show how much you care about your loved ones this year, here are some healthy and meaningful holiday gifts that won’t cost a fortune.

1. Fitness Tracker, Pedometer, and Heart Rate Monitor.

These gifts can help encourage your loved one to keep moving and can make them mindful of how much they are moving. Some only feature step counting, heart rate monitoring, and reliable sleep tracking; others have a built-in GPS or WiFi capability. You can find these gifts for around $50 or less, but you can spend more if your budget allows.

2. Healthy Cookbooks.

There are dozens of amazing cookbooks out there with recipes that are nutritious and include everything from salads to instant pot recipes. A healthy cookbook would make a great gift for your loved ones who like to cook.

3. A Gourmet Gift Basket.

A gourmet basket of fruits, an assortment of nuts, bottles of almond or olive oil or balsamic vinegar, are all great healthy gifts. Giving these gifts is a perfect way to show your care and love and also add colorful addition to their home.

4. Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser or Beeswax Candles.

Both diffusing aroma essential oils and beeswax candles are safe and can help reduce indoor air pollution. Not only is it functional and practical, but also healthy and beautiful.

5. Motivational Quote Art Prints and a Mouse Pad.

Both cute art prints and a decorative mouse pad are cheerful and they are perfect gifts to add a touch of inspiration without overwhelming a space. They can make someone smile and boost the mood of your loved one.

6. Hand Cream Gift Set and Travel Size Hand Sanitizer, Assorted Scents.

Both hand cream and hand sanitizer are great gifts for everyone this time of year—and they are inexpensive. They can be used at home and outside. Pick a scent you know your loved one is crazy about, or opt for a calm-inducing classic like eucalyptus or spearmint.