New Initiative to Promote Healthy Habits for Nurses

New Initiative to Promote Healthy Habits for Nurses

Are you curious about how your health compares to nurses across the nation? Ever wonder how safe and healthy your workplace is? Learn the answers from the American Nurses Association (ANA) HealthyNurse™ program, which is scheduled to officially kick off mid-November.

The program is designed to encourage nurses to practice healthy habits and become stronger role models, advocates, and educators for their loved ones, their communities, and their patients. The program will show how your health and workplace safety compares to national averages and ideal standards. 

With funding from Pfizer, ANA will provide a free health risk appraisal (HRA) that will be available to 3.1 million registered nurses in mid-November. The 20- to 30-minute survey will cover lifestyle issues and workplace safety topics to provide real time data. For example, the data will help you understand what policies and resources may be needed to improve your work environment.

Once the HRA is completed, you will be directed to a portal where you can find more information, take quizzes or relax with a game or two.

Nurses who beta tested the HRA this summer produced revealing statistics, which include: 

  • 64% do not drink sugar sweetened beverages
  • 65% eat 3 or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily
  • 60% perform muscle-strengthening on 2 or more days a week
  • 67% have experienced verbal or nonverbal aggression from a peer in their current workplace
  • 26% have been physically assaulted by a patient or family member at work
  • 32% get less than 7 hours sleep; 9% have nodded off while driving
  • 42% feel obligated or expected to come to work even when sick or injured
  • 42% report being diagnosed with hypertension, 48% lower back pain, 21% asthma

Will HealthyNurse™ be a tool in your efforts to protect your health? Check it out and let us know.

Robin Farmer is a freelance writer with a focus on health, education and business. Contact her at