Check Out These National Nurses Week Events

Check Out These National Nurses Week Events

National Nurses Week kicks off on Wednesday, so here are a few seminars and events going on you might want to sign up for!

American Nurses Association

The American Nurses Association continues its tradition of hosting a free National Nurses Week webinar. Register for this year’s webinar, “My Patient, My Code, My Practice: Ethical Decision Making and Action,” which takes place on Thursday, May 7, at 1 p.m. EDT. Register for the webinar here.

The webinar builds on the ANA’s Year of Ethics 2015 theme. Speakers include Anna Dermenchyan, BSN, RN, CCRN-CSC and clinical quality specialist at UCLA Health, and Eileen Weber, SNP, JD, BSN, PHN, RN and clinical assistant professor at the University of Minnesota.

Campaign for Action

The Future of Nursing Campaign for Action has several videos ready for release during National Nurses Week. You can find them on the website. The Campaign for Action is a collaborative initiative between the AARP and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and promotes health and healthcare through nursing. You can also take a look at the Campaign’s Facebook and Twitter pages to see some of the infographics, photos, and quotes they have compiled in honor of this special week.

They also ask nurses to use the #NursesWeek hashtag this week!

National League for Nursing

The National League for Nursing is also hosting a webinar in honor of National Nurses Week. “Ethical Concerns for Nursing Faculty in Nursing Education” takes place on Thursday, May 7, from 3 to 4 p.m. EDT. The webinar features Carrie O’Reilly, PhD, MSN, RN, manager of professional development at the National League for Nursing as guest speaker. The seminar will examine the different ethical concerns that might happen for nursing faculty.

The organization is offering 80 percent off the fee ($80 for members, $100 for nonmembers) in honor of National Nurses Week. See this page for the discount.

Local Nursing Organizations

Don’t forget to check the local nursing organizations and memberships in your local area for events, lectures, receptions, and seminars. For example, the Minnesota Nurses Association has lots to celebrate, including that the governor recently declared May 6 as Nurses Day in the state. Local branches are celebrating with educational opportunities and open houses. The North Carolina Nurses Association is also hosting various events throughout the state.

Be sure to check out all these great events and make your National Nurses Week special!