The American Diabetes Association (ADA) wants to get everyone up and moving at least every 90 minutes during the workday. To help focus attention on the danger of sedentary behaviors, the ADA has established the first Wednesday in May as National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day. This year the inaugural event will fall on May 6th.

According to the ADA, excessive sitting contributes to obesity, diabetes, and pre-diabetes, among other diseases. Nurses are natural health educators so they can share easy ways for patients, co-workers, and community members to add more movement to their day.

How prevalent is prolonged sitting on the job? According to, some 86% of 1,000 full-time office workers surveyed are required to sit for long periods. Of these, nearly 70% want to sit less and stand more.

Need ideas for how to add physical activity to your day? the ADA has some suggestions:

* Avoid elevators. Encourage everyone to take the stairs for a few flights up and down.
* Start a walking club with co-workers.
* Get started with a couch-to-5K training plan.
* Cycle to work or train for race, like the ADA’s Tour de Cure.

Join nurses nationwide in supporting the day socially; use the hashtag #GetFitDontSit on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. For tips on how to get involved, visit the ADA website at and download the National Get Fit Don’t Sit e-Toolkit.

Let’s take the lead in getting everyone on their feet!

Jebra Turner

Jebra Turner

Jebra Turner is a freelance health and business writer based in Portland, Oregon. She frequently contributes to the Minority Nurse magazine and website. Visit her online at
Jebra Turner

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