This week is National Nurses Week. Several businesses across the country are honoring nurses this week with deals and discounts. Nurses have been recognized as the most trusted profession for the past 16 years. As nurses, we play vital roles in disease prevention, health promotion, and treatments, which deserve to be celebrated. It’s important that we raise public awareness of our contributions to society.

There are many things nurses can do to help celebrate National Nurses Week. Here are just three examples:

1. Recognize yourself and others by, for example, a word of “thank you” or a message of gratitude.

Show your appreciation and support for the works nurses do. Importantly, take a moment to think about all the work you have done to help your patients during your years as a nurse.

2. Maintain and advance the standard of the nursing profession.

Improve your nursing knowledge by signing up for a continuing education course or a conference during National Nurses Week.

3. Improve positive relationships between senior and less experienced nurses.

Take this opportunity to build positive relationships between nurse supervisors and junior and senior nurses. Help clarify role expectations and promote an open exchange of opinions and ideas, and encourage junior nurses to achieve high-quality benchmarks.

Happy National Nurses Week to all nurses!

How will you be celebrating this week? Let us know in the comments.

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