Because hospitals across the nation are facing the challenge of serving patients and communities that have become increasingly multicultural, having doctors and nurses who are culturally and linguistically competent is essential to providing high-quality care. To help health care organizations train their front-line clinical staff to respond more effectively to people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, Critical Measures, LLC, and the Manhattan Cross Cultural Group have created a new interactive e-learning program, Quality Interactions: A Patient-Based Approach to Cross-Cultural Care©.

Developed by three physicians who are nationally recognized experts in the field of cross-cultural health care and education, Quality Interactions uses a hands-on, scenario-based approach to building health professionals’ understanding of the social and cultural issues that are most relevant in caring for diverse patient populations. Topics covered include: understanding different cultures’ customs and beliefs about illness, medicine, spirituality, diet, gender issues and traditional healing practices; working with interpreters; racial and ethnic health disparities; and the impact of cultural issues on medical decision-making.


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