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Our History            

Boon-Chapman was founded by Bob Boon and T.J Chapman in Midland, Texas with one client and one employee on July 1, 1961. T.J. Chapman was the founder and CEO from 1961 to 1998 when his son Kevin, the current President and CEO, took over management. We are currently headquartered in Austin, Texas. Boon-Chapman is now the oldest domiciled third party administrator in the state of Texas. 

As such, we have evolved into a company offering an integrated network of employee benefits with over 700 clients and 75,000 covered employees. Throughout our history, we have paved the way identifying health benefit needs and developing solutions to meet those needs.  For the last 50 years, our commitment to provide outstanding service while operating with the highest ethical and moral standards has made Boon-Chapman one of the most respected administrators in the industry. 



Why We’re Different

In our second generation of management, we combine the integrity and maturity of an old company with the energy and vigor of a start-up company. We quickly respond to ever changing market conditions and provide extraordinary service and flexibility to our clients.

We have fifty years of experience serving the needs of self-funded employer groups, however, we don’t pretend to know the unique challenges that every employer group faces. What we do know is that one size does not fit all. We believe the current environment calls for more flexibility and creativity, at a time when many in our industry are providing less of both. We also believe that exceptional customer service matters, and is a true differentiator for us. We are committed to providing stability in a volatile healthcare environment and exceptional service in an industry that has forgotten what that means.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to:


  Create innovative solutions in an ever increasingly complex healthcare environment;

  Maintain a positive environment for our employees, allowing them to grow with the company;

  Provide superior products  and exceptional service for our clients;

  Operate with the highest ethical and moral standards — we believe there is no substitute for integrity in

   our relationship with clients, companies, and each other;


  Promote professional management — producing planned results by means of specific goals, objectives,

   priorities and strategies.

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