Do you know that being a nurse qualifies you for many unique business opportunities? Many nurses aren’t aware or don’t know how to capitalize from the knowledge they possess.

Don’t feel confident about starting your own business? Let’s explore some common reasons a nurse wouldn’t feel confident about branching out on their own and how to change your mindset to become a successful business owner.

Aversion to Change

1. You are comfortable working as an employee because as a business owner you will feel incompetent for a period of time until you get the hang of something new. I know it’s not pleasant to feel uncomfortable, especially if you are an expert nurse at your workplace. However, we grow the most when we experience discomfort.

2. You hope the state of nursing will get better. That may not happen. I have seen a lot of changes in the nursing field since I began 12 years ago. Most changes have not made the state of nursing better, but have added more work to our already busy day making it harder for nurses to actually be a “nurse” their patients.

You’re A Nurse, Not a Business Person

After working with and meeting hundreds of nurses over the course of my career, it’s apparent that some don’t conform to the “normal” nursing standards of wanting to work at the bedside. I’ve come across many who would like to start their own business, but just don’t know how so they just keep on working the same old job.

Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same results. If you truly want to go into business for yourself, then working as an employee will literally drive you insane!

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What is the primary reason you would like to go into business? Do you want to start a business to indulge a favorite hobby? Is it because you have always wanted to go into business for yourself? Or have you lost your passion in nursing and just want to “get out?”

If you’re not serious about making money and you just jump into business to pursue a hobby or jump ship from nursing, you might be disappointed.

You need to be serious about making money in your business, regardless of how you came to this point in your life. Business skills can be learned, and if you feel that starting a business is your only option now, be sure to carefully plan how you’re going to create a successful business.

You Can’t Afford to Start Your Own Business

Starting a business takes planning. Major planning. In addition to regular business expenses you will need to take into account lost wages from your current job until your business is up and running.

Not many people have the luxury to quit their day job while starting their business venture. Start saving now for what I like to call transitional costs. Transitional costs are used when you need to dedicate more time to your business instead of your actual day job. Think of it like PTO.

There are low-cost business options for nurses, but all properly executed business plans require financial planning for both transitional costs and general business expenses.

Are you using any of these excuses as a hindrance to starting your own business?  If you’re stuck in your career and have always envisioned starting your own business, start planning for your business venture now.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this series, which will focus on honing in on your passions to create a nursing business you will love!

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