This past summer, 10 college seniors took part in Making a Difference in Nursing II Scholars (MADIN II), spending six weeks at Duke University School of Nursing. MADIN II is a federally funded nursing work force diversity program that strives to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in nursing. The program attracts minority students from less fortunate backgrounds that could potentially enroll in Duke’s School of Nursing program. The participating undergraduates are pursuing degrees in a variety of fields, but MADIN II allows the students to work with faculty to explore the many specialties in nursing and the skills needed to pursue them. Additionally, the students participate in academic and professional development activities that stress teamwork and leadership skills.

Although there are many similar federally funded programs out there, Duke believes theirs is unique, from recruiting high-achieving students to basing their teaching on an exemplary model that prepares students for Ph.D. programs.

If you would like more information on Making a Difference in Nursing II, contact Julie Cusatis at 919-681-9051 or [email protected].

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