In describing the diversity of VA’s facilities in Puerto Rico, Jorge Santiago, a whole health coach at the San Juan VA Medical Center, explains, “We have a Latino community, we have a Black community that works here, [and] we have a community of age 50-plus workers that need to feel their rights are being considered.”

At VA, they treat all employees, Veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors with dignity, integrity, and respect to foster a culture of inclusion, but seeing someone who looks like them goes a long way in bridging the gap.

You’ll see a cross-section of their diverse Veteran population (and workforce) at VA facilities in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. At rural facilities like these throughout the country, teams are ready to meet Veterans wherever they live, offering unrivaled care and compassion to those who have served.

The VA supports Veterans and the workforce by embracing a commitment to taking the steps necessary to foster an environment where inclusivity and equity are woven into the fabric of our teams.

Learn about VA’s commitment to diversity at VA Careers.

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