So you think you are ready to start a job search? If you are ready to switch jobs, organizations, or nursing paths, here are a few things to consider.

What’s the goal?

  • Know what you want from a new role.
  • Decide if you want to stay local or move to a new area.
  • Determine how much of a commute you want and what kind of shifts you’ll work.
  • Investigate a salary range.
  • Be ready to try something you never considered before.


Are you prepared?

  • Update your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Clean up all your social media accounts.
  • Have a few personal and professional references you could call on to attest to your character and working history (do this before you fill out an application or have an interview).
  • Polish your networking skills.
  • Make sure necessary certifications are current—make a plan if they are not.
  • Understand any educational requirements. If you don’t have them, know what might work in place of a specified degree.
  • Have an interview outfit ready to go.


Have you investigated?

  • Have an idea of the type of organization you want to work in—hospital, clinic, private office.
  • Read up on the nursing industry to identify pain points or trends.
  • Identify the nursing leaders in the area you are considering.


Can you explain your strengths?

  • Craft a two-minute elevator pitch to explain your strengths.
  • Ask those close to you to explain your best qualities.
  • List both your technical skills and your soft skills.
  • Look up other resumes with a quick online search to see if yours explains your work experience enough.
  • Do not underestimate what you do.
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Does your job search fit your plan?

  • Know how a job move will help you advance in your career.
  • Decide if this is a stepping stone or a long-term move.
  • Envision how this new position will fit in with your personal and family obligations.
  • List how this move will contribute to your personal satisfaction (more or less responsibility, greater impact, higher salary, more service opportunity).


Use these as starting point to make sure your job search starts off on the right foot. The more you have considered, the better your focus will be.

Julia Quinn-Szcesuil
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