Each year, Minority Nurse offers scholarships to three outstanding individuals pursuing a career in nursing. Last week, we announced Corinna Hughes as a runner-up of our 2013 scholarship. And the second runner-up is…

Juanita Hardy!

Juanita knew she wanted to be a nurse when her great grandmother referred to her as her “little nurse” and allowed her to read her medication instructions and administer her oral medications at a very young age. Juanita graduated in the top 3 of her class but had to delay her college education when her step-father was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away, which left her mother struggling to provide for her and her 10 other siblings. Years later, Juanita quickly climbed up the ladder at Mac Gregor Medical Association in Houston for fifteen years until the facility closed. Juanita left Houston Community College with a 3.93 GPA and is currently enrolled at the University of St. Thomas in Houston.  With descriptions such as “one of the most naturally, academically gifted students I’ve ever taught,” “the leader of every class,” and “the one I would want to care for my own family,” Juanita was another standout candidate.

Congratulations, Juanita!

Next week we will announce the first-prize winner of our 2013 scholarship.

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