Exemplary black nurses and organizations who have made significant contributions to the advancement of nursing in such areas as education and military service, philanthropy and health equity and civil rights and organizational development were recently honored by Sunnia Communications, a health education and health care promotions firm. The annual “Color of Care” Awards were held on November 11th at the University Club in Durham, N.C.

The awards are designed to inform the public of the importance of nursing leadership and the legacy of African-American nurses in health care. The winners were:

• Brigadier General Hazel Johnson-Brown (Ret.) and Helen S. Miller—Lifetime Achievement Award for excellence in nursing education and administration
• The Rockefeller Foundation—20th Century Global Leadership Award for outstanding commitment and support of nursing education
• Capt. Mary L. Mills (Ret.)—20th Century Global Leadership Award for service in the professional development of nurses globally
• North Carolina Central University—20th Century Liberty Award for forward thinking and commitment to access to education for all nurses by establishing a public health nursing program in 1946
• The State of North Carolina—Liberty Award for removing barriers to access and appointing the first black nurse to the State Board of Nursing in 1966 and for continued commitment to the nursing profession
• Brigadier General Clara Adams-Ender (Ret.)—PreCise Care Award for excellence in providing education and health outreach to minority populations
• Hilda Rowe, RN—The Color of Care Legacy Award for lifetime commitment to nursing, professional development and civic responsibility.

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