Name: Sara Ochoa, MOMT, PT

education: Master’s in Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Physical Therapy
title: Clinic director
workplace: Physio Therapy Associates
location: Geneva and Aurora, Ill.

At my job “I’m an administrator as well as a clinician, so my typical week is 80% patient care, 20% administration. Since we’ve been nice and busy recently, I’ve been focusing primarily on patient care. In order to finish all of my administrative work, I have had to work during my lunch or come in on my own time. My clinical duties involve evaluating and assessing patients—dealing primarily with orthopedic concerns and then determining a treatment plan based on their needs. Part of that includes delegating to the patient and thoroughly explaining what their responsibility is in their rehabilitation. A lot of what we do as physical therapists is teaching—we teach our patients what they need to do to be successful in their recovery.

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