Happiness is desirable, yet elusive. Celebrated and fleeting. Happiness is a hard emotion to define, but you know it when you feel it on the job, at home, with loved ones and with yourself.


The first step is to define what happiness means to you. Is it internal or external? Can you find happiness or does happiness find you? Is happiness a by-product of life or the primary goal? Whatever you decide, there are some steps to take to help you on your happiness quest.


Here are 10 habits to help you pave the way for happiness:

Smile. It’s a people magnet. Others will gravitate to you because you exude a pleasant disposition.

Understand what makes you happy. This will help you focus on specific interests, goals and passions to achieve the happiness you desire.

Get enough sleep. Research shows that too many people operate with a sleep debt. Adequate sleep improves memory, strengthens the immune system and increases productivity.

Do something nice for yourself daily. It can be small, such as watching the sunset or your favorite TV show.

Believe you are worthy.  This sounds like a no-brainer, but it is crucial that you  remind yourself that you deserve to be happy. Take meaningful steps daily.

Avoid Jealousy. It’s toxic. Focus on being inspired by the success of others.

Own your mistakes. Learn from them and grow. Finger-pointers are not happy people.

Exercise and stay active. Heard of endorphins released during exercise? They make you feel happy.

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Let go what’s gone. Dwelling on the past gets you nowhere fast. Forgive others and yourself and move on.

Create a “Silver Lining Playbook.” Yes, this is the name of a 2012 film, but it also concisely captures a crucial mental habit: stay optimistic. Try to look at the bright side.

Good luck on your happiness journey. If you find the going getting tough there’s another reason to stay the course: Happy people tend to be healthier.

Robin Farmer is a freelance content specialist with a focus on health, business and education. Visit her at www.RobinFarmerWrites.com.

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