Job Overview

Rutgers, Newark & New Brunswick, Full‐time & Part‐time Faculty Needs
Rutgers, School (SON) and College (CON) of Nursing, have the following faculty needs in the
Newark & New Brunswick campuses:

1. FNP and ANP/GNP (CON – Graduate Program, preferably with HIV, data management, and pharmacology expertise)

2. FNP and ANP/GNP (SON – Graduate Program)

3. Adult and Older Adult Med‐Surg/ Critical Care (CON – Undergraduate Program

4. Fundamentals of Nursing (SON – Undergraduate

5. Maternal & Child Health (CON – Undergraduate

6. Part‐Time Clinical Instructors (PTL) (CON – Undergraduate, all specializations

7. Adjunct Faculty (SON – Undergraduate, all specializations)

Rutgers College of Nursing (CON), Blackwood Satellite Campus, Full‐time & Part‐time Faculty Needs

1. Two full‐time faculty positions in the Blackwood satellite campus of Rutgers, College of
Nursing needed with a combination of two of the following clinical specializations:
     – Psychiatric & Mental Health
     – Community Health
     – Geriatric or Older Adult

2. Part‐Time Clinical Instructors (to teach in the Undergraduate Program for all specializations)

3. Program Director –Responsible for the day‐to‐day management of the collaborative initiative
between Rutgers and Camden Community College. Role involves a combination of
administrative and faculty responsibilities. Should be doctorally‐prepared and with strong prior
experience in baccalaureate program management.

Successful candidates should be or eligible to be RN‐licensed in NJ State. Advanced practice certification is a must for those applying to teach in the graduate program and specialty certification for those applying in the undergraduate program. All positions require doctoral education or enrolled in one (for fulltime clinical instructors), except for part time or adjunct clinical instructors who will have a minimum MSN degree. Ranks, track, and salaries are
commensurate to qualifications and overall accomplishments.

Additionally, candidates should have a strong or promising program of research and evidence of scholarship, active or recent clinical experience in the specialization applied for, and prior teaching background.
Inquiries and applications should be directed to Edmund Pajarillo, Associate Dean, Faculty Services at or by calling 973‐353‐5418.