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Job Overview


The mission of Behavioral Health Care Services is to provide strength-based, recovery and resiliency oriented, culturally competent, high quality, geographically accessible, integrated alcohol, drug, and mental health services to Alameda County residents of all ages. Through a network of community-based and county providers, we provide prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services to:

  • Promote recovery and resilience;
  • Minimize services delivered in restrictive environments; Stabilize and manage symptoms and behaviors that are problematic for clients whether psychiatric in nature or related to substance use or abuse;
  • Support clients in the least restrictive environment of their choice;
  • Reduce the long-term adverse impacts on individuals, families and the community resulting from untreated severe emotional disorders, serious mental illness, and substance abuse;
  • Reduce illness, death, disability, and the cost to society resulting from these conditions and; Provide crisis and recovery services following major disasters.  



Under general direction, the Director, Behavioral Health Care Services (BHCS) plans, directs, and implements the County’s BHCS program; provides overall administration of the performance, stability and growth of BHCS through development of long term goals, as well as annual objectives for the organization in accordance with Board directives and legislative mandates; establishes County-wide policies, procedures, and standards for prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of mentally ill adults, children, and youth; provides direction and supervision of senior level staff; monitors and evaluates County-operated and contracted mental health and substance use disorder programs, to ensure compliance with administrative and clinical legislative mandates, regulations, and standards; administers the preparation of the annual mental health budget; provides staff services to the Local Mental Health Advisory Board; and performs related duties as required.


This is a single position classification that reports to the Director of Health Care Services and serves as the designated liaison between the County’s Behavioral Health Program, the State Department of Health Care Services, and the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, for all policy, program and fiscal negotiations. This classification is distinguished from the Deputy Director, Behavioral Health Care Services in that it has overall planning, administrative, and policy development responsibilities whereas the Deputy Director serves as the Chief’s Operations Officer to the Director in the formulation and evaluation of Behavioral Health Care Services programs, policies and procedures.


Behavioral Health Care Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality services within a managed care environment. The ideal candidate will be prepared to lead the organization by exemplifying a commitment to continuous improvement and service excellence. The ideal candidate for this position will also have a track record of success overseeing behavioral health services in a managed care setting and be highly respected as:  

  • Technically adept and prepared for advancement as a Director having achieved a thorough knowledge of the full scope of BHCS in order to be best prepared to serve as a liaison for all policy, program and fiscal negotiations.
  • A visionary who is capable of identifying, understanding and forecasting how external issues (e.g., economic, political, social and health care trends) may impact work and who is able to motivate and inspire others by providing leadership and setting a sense of purpose for the BHCS Program. 
  • A leader who will take personal satisfaction and pride contributing as a valued organizational leader having direct policy and administrative control and overall responsibility for the provision of efficient and effective BHCS. 
  • A collaborative strategic partner who actively engages with other agencies and departments to meet overall countywide needs while leveraging financial and other resources to maximize results and achieve positive outcomes.
  • A business partner with heightened business acumen able to build a strong organization that delivers results while exemplifying the use of resources wisely, responsibly, effectively, and efficiently.
  • Flexible and adept at managing effectiveness of self and others when experiencing and leading change within new structures, processes, requirements, or cultures.
  • Capable of making a positive impact on others by exuding an air of confidence, creating good first impressions by professionally commanding attention, and earning the professional trust and respect of others.
  • An effective communicator with excellent interpersonal skills focused on building an environment where diverse, multidisciplinary service delivery teams can work together to enhance the delivery of services for Alameda County communities.    

For a complete listing of all essential responsibilities and core competency requirements, please see the comprehensive job description.  

The minimum professional requirements for admission to the competitive assessment process include:

Education:  A Master’s degree or higher in hospital administration, healthcare administration, social work, psychology, marriage and family therapy or psychiatric nursing.

Experience: The equivalent of five years of experience managing large complex mental health or health care organizations, two years of which must have included supervision of subordinate supervisory staff.

License: Either a physician and surgeon licensed in the State of California showing evidence of having completed an accredited residency in psychiatry; OR  possession of valid clinical license from one of the applicable licensing authorities: California Board of Behavioral Sciences, California Board of Psychology, or California Board of Nursing.