Job Overview

General Purpose & Scope of Position: Provides excellence in instruction (classes, labs, clinicals, distance education) and facilitates student learning within specific program area. Adheres to College/Regional policy regarding curriculum, student assessment, course syllabus, student records, and all applicable academic and College policies.

Major Responsibilities: 

  1. Effectively delivers assigned courses in accordance with course objectives and academic schedule.
  2. Implements instructional excellence, instructional innovation and facilitates learning.
  3. Implements appropriate instructional technology.
  4. Adheres to course time schedule and communicates to program/department chair any time schedule differences.
  5. Implements Developing Capable People concepts and across the curriculum initiatives.
  6. Develops, distributes, and maintains course syllabus and resource reference list.
  7. Maintains documentation and student records for student attendance, grades and other course-related material.
  8. Strictly respects student’s privacy and adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
  9. Processes and reports all student information (grades, student attendance, etc.) within the required time frames.
  10. Insures a safe learning environment.
  11. Communicates student and course issues to appropriate regional office.
  12. Provides appropriate student accommodation in consultation with student counseling office.

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Is a Registered Nurse holding an unencumbered license in the state of Indiana
  • Has a minimum of one year of licensed nursing experience 
  • Has completed the required state training session including adult learning theory