Tips to Make 2015 Different

As the new year gets underway, have you thought about a new way of thinking and acting? We all know the saying: Jan. 1 is the first blank page of a 365-page book. What will you write and how will it differ from last year? To prevent carrying over a negative attitude into 2015, consider

Informational Interviews – Part 1

Have you ever considered a career switch? Do you sometimes suspect your nursing career is moving in the wrong direction, but you don’t know how to correct it? Like anything, your career changes and opportunities might come up or a new path might interest you. But if you aren’t sure how to make a smooth

Organize to Career Awesomeness in 2014

Doing a bit of career housekeeping at year end can help clear away mental cobwebs and stagnant behaviors. Once you’ve got a clean slate, it’s much easier to make the new year into whatever you most desire. Here are four simple steps to getting your work into tip-top shape: 1. Update your resume. It’s fun

Organize These Tax Time Chores Now

Is it really time to start thinking about taxes? With the holiday rush making life crazy, do thoughts of W-2s and tax deadlines make your head spin? Taking a few minutes now to start organizing your papers can save you time and headaches come tax filing time. Even if you have someone else do your

Don’t drink your holiday calories!

Holiday alcoholic drinks aren’t usually healthy, in fact they’re often big sugar-, fat-,and calorie-bombs. Don’t get derailed during this celebratory time of year because you think beverages won’t affect your overall healthy food goals. They most definitely do! Here are some things to consider before you raise a glass this season: 1. Ask yourself if

Nurse Attorneys Work for Change

You might have heard of nurse attorneys, but do you know what they do? Is it something you might consider as a career? Nurse attorneys usually work in an several roles, using their dual degrees in nursing and in law to match their interests with a need. Holding dual nursing and law degrees also means

7 Organizing Tips for the Holiday Crush

Holidays got you running a little ragged right now? With presents to wrap, goodies to bake, shopping to finish, and parties galore, it’s a wonder there’s even time to fit in all that normal stuff we do. Here are a few last-minute holiday organizing tips that can help keep you sane this next week. 1.

How to Combat Holiday Weight Gain

Thanksgiving is over; Christmas will soon be upon us and then New Year’s festivities. Fall and winter holidays are celebrated with food…and lots of it. The typical person gains on average 1-2 pounds per holiday season. Working as a nurse during this season makes it even worse with all the sweets lying around the workplace.

3 Easy Tax Tips for December

In between all the holiday festivities this month there’s one more thing you might add to your to-do list – taxes. Before you roll your eyes and move on, consider this – the payoff is worth it. If you can spend just a little time this month organizing your files, getting things in order, and

7 Ways to Ease Up this Holiday Season

The holidays are here! Are you behind yet? No matter how well prepared you are, the holidays always seem to throw a couple of surprises to catch you off guard. Maybe you got the flu or one of your kids was home with strep for two days. A snowstorm on your day off might have